PSC News September 2018

  • Fast modelling with Real-Time Simulation
  • CIGRE D2 Panel meeting
  • New system strength requirements in Australia’s NEM
  • CIGRE Canada 2018 Conference
  • 2018 PSC Scholarship awarded to Irene Anderson
  • PSC opens new Christchurch Office
  • Simon Lister completes 20 years of Excellent Service
  • Feiyu Lu and Tim Browne both celebrate 10 years of Excellent Service with PSC
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News July 2018

  • DER advice to regulators in California and Minnesota
  • PSC supports commissioning of the world’s first VSC Bipole HVDC link
  • CIGRE 2018 General Session in Paris, France
  • PSC at the 2018 ENA Conference in Australia
  • Keith Fisk celebrates 20 years of Excellent Service with PSC
  • Welcome Back Ross Crust

PSC News May 2018

  • Electricity Distribution Networks – PSC Focus
  • Power system dynamics in distribution systems
  • Back to the future for Tony Armstrong
  • Idaho Power follows best practices for root cause analysis
  • PSC expansion in Asia
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Mark Gilchrist celebrates 20 years of Excellent Service with PSC
  • Martin and Kim at the Commonwealth Games
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News March 2018

  • Detailed Testing, Modelling and Compliance in the Snowy River Mountains
  • Connecting at DistribuTECH 2018
  • Automatic Generation Control – Is it time for a tune up?
  • 2017 PSC Scholarship recipient
  • Edwards Hall celebrates 20 years of excellent service with PSC
  • Tanya Edgar and Kevin Hart celebrate 10 years of excellent service
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News November 2017

  • PSC – PowerOnTM Fusion/Advantage
  • Transmission project reviews require independent expertise
  • PSC – Generator connection studies for wind and solar projects
  • PSC sponsors electric bicycle competition
  • CIGRE Winnipeg shines light on industry direction
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News September 2017

  • Generator testing and modelling in Malaysia
  • PSC involvement in CIGRE
  • PSC North America 10th Anniversary celebration
  • Single Buyer review in Malaysia
  • Alex Boyd celebrates 10 years of excellent services with PSC
  • ISO9001 quality audits in PSC Australia and New Zealand
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News July 2017

  • PSC Power System Studies – a global perspective
  • PSC deploys latest release EMS platform
  • Is your business prepared for change
  • Power system stabilizer design – PSC at the 2017 IEEE PES general meeting
  • PSC staff celebrate 10 years of excellent service
  • PSC welcomes new staff
  • PSC’s Twenty17 Fitbit challenge

PSC News May 2017

  • PSC and Harmonic launch new Analytics service offering
  • The next evolution of PSC
  • PSC joins New Zealand Government delegation to the USA
  • Big Data: Less Apocalypse, More ‘Big Bang’
  • PSC improves modelling capabilities at Avista
  • PSC welcomes new staff
  • Tim Browne appointment - GM Power Networks and HVDC, Asia Pacific
  • PSC supports Renewable Energy Practicum

PSC News March 2017

  • Territory Generation Remote Operations Centre (ROC) project
  • PSC North America’s year in review
  • DistribuTECH 2017 – all about Sustainable Innovation
  • PSC Canada’s new office
  • PSC supports the 2017 Pioneer Epic race
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News November 2016

  • PSC's 20 year involvement in electricity market systems
  • Generator testing, modelling and compliance with Genassure
  • ATCO Canada EMS strategy roadmap
  • PSC attends CIGRE Canada 2016 and the Seoul International Conference on the Electricity Market (SICEM)
  • Successful Aerial Laser Survey in New Zealand
  • APEX Conference 2016
  • New offices in Kirkland and Melbourne
  • PSC welcomes New Staff
  • PSC Scholarship for 2016

PSC News September 2016

  • PSC assists Power and Water Corporation with Substation Projects
  • PSC System Studies Capabilities
  • EirGrid East West Interconnector SCM and IT Upgrade Specification
  • New PSC Adelaide office
  • PSC welcomes New Staff
  • Visiting a Special Friend

PSC News July 2016

  • PSC's involvement and support for the New Zealand EEA Conference
  • Energy trading and risk management interface development
  • Energy imbalance market project consulting in North America
  • PSC provides advice to the United Kingdom future power systems architecture project
  • PSC Scholarship recipients in the Power Networks group
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News May 2016

  • Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Western Isles ITT review
  • ActewAGL Teleprotection over MPLS
  • Review of California Public Utilities DER Hosting
  • PSC UK achieves ISO 9001 certification
  • EMS Visualization, Electric PI, and Gas Control upgrade support for an Investor Owned Utility in North America
  • Jeff Cowley celebrates 20 years of excellent service with PSC
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News March 2016

PSC News Issue 47 Mar 2016

  • PSC Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • What is FERC Order 1000?
  • PSC at DistribuTECH 2016
  • Directlink HVDC Project - Australia
  • GCCIA Capacity Building in PSSE
  • Sarawak Energy Berhad - Power System Performance Improvement
  • New PSC Reading office in the UK
  • PSC staff celebrate 10 years of excellent service with PSC
  • David Monk celebrates 20 years of excellent service with PSC
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News November 2015

PSC News Issue 46 Nov 2015

  • PSC assists EirGrid in a HVDC Technical Advisor Role
  • 1Energy Systems/Snohomish/PSC Battery Energy Storage
  • Tacoma Public Utilities ICS Assessment
  • Puget Sound Energy IT & PSC Teamwork Celebration
  • Successful Market System upgrade at Transpower New Zealand
  • PSC welcomes new staff
  • Mike de Leeuw celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC
  • PSC Scholarship for 2015

PSC News September 2015

PSC News Issue 45 Sep 2015

  • PSC to support Siemens for the Philippines electricity market systems project
  • PSC supports 2015 APEx conference
  • ElectraNet EMS virtualisation and upgrade project
  • CIDER 2015 - Inaugural conference on the integration of distributed energy resources
  • Reflecting world best practice
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News July 2015

PSC News Issue 44 July 2015

  • Planning for a new future
  • CIGRE Canada 2015 technical paper presentation
  • PSC New Zealand - 20 year anniversary
  • Advancing the industry for 20 years
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News May 2015

PSC News Issue 43 May 2015

  • Establishment of PSC Europe
  • Development of 2018 interconnection analysis base case at PJM in the United States
  • CIGRE Australia SEAPAC 2015 conference
  • HVDC overview in North America
  • PSC’s sponsorship of the 2015 EEA conference
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News March 2015

PSC News Issue 42 March 2015

  • Aerial Laser Survey (ALS)
  • PSC in the Spotlight at Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
  • PSC provides improvements to Grant County PUD Balancing Authority
  • Ross Murdoch and Stewart Drake celebrate 10 years of Excellent Service with PSC
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News November 2014


  • PSC - Genassure Merger
  • Meridian Energy GCS Replacement Project
  • Cigre Canada Conference
  • PSC Scholarship for 2014
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

 PSC News September 2014


  • ElectraNet awards SCADA Support and Project Services Contracts to PSC
  • PSC IT Networking and Security Capability
  • New Zealand EEA Annual Conference 2014 update
  • AusNet Services awards a 12 month Period Order Contract to PSC
  • Focus on our people Operational Technology - Wolfgang Thaler
  • Kate Horton celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC
  • Greg Fisk celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC

PSC News July 2014

  • PSC and Genassure Partnership - Generator Testing & Modelling
  • PSC Markets and Applications
  • PSC provides Project Services to Puget Sound Energy
  • Operational Technology - SCADA, Control & Automation Support
  • Chris Collie-Holmes celebrates 10 years of excellent services
  • John Grace celebrates 10 years of excellent services

PSC News May 2014

  • PSC - Major Sponsor of EEA Conference 2014
  • PSC's Membership in the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) - consumer awareness
  • PSC supports Power System Academics
  • Alice Springs Model Development, Validation and Generator Testing
  • Ross Gaspard celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC
  • Margaret Archer celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC

PSC News March 2014

  • PSC - Focusing for the Future
  • Updated PSC Website with New Features
  • PSC Making Modelling Better
  • SP AusNet Modelling Application Project
  • Power and Water Corporation EMS Upgrade work 2013/14
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Andrew Robbie celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC

PSC News November 2013

  • Real-Time Dispatch Engine Project for System Management
  • PSC Assisting Grant County Public Utilities District with Balancing Authority Improvements
  • Siemens EMS Project Support
  • PSC is Diamond Sponsor for CIGRÉ Canada Conference
  • Melbourne Client Function/SCADA reunion – 2013 and back in 1996!
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • PSC Scholarship for 2013
  • PSC North America Opens New Westborough Office

PSC News September 2013

PSC News Issue 35 September 2013

  • IMO Gas Bulletin Board Project
  • HVDC - Specialist Talent gives PSC the Edge
  • Snohomish County Public Utility District DMS Project
  • New Projects on the go
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • PSC achieves Achilles certification

PSC News July 2013

PSC News Issue 34 July 2013

  • PSC - Major Sponsor for the 2013 EEA Conference
  • PSC IT Networking and Security Capability
  • PSC SCADA/EMS Training Courses
  • IMO Market Evolution program - WAiTTA Award
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • New Projects on the go

PSC News May 2013

PSC News Issue 33 May 2013

  • IMO WEMS and GBB Market Systems Support Contract Awarded to PSC
  • PSC Transmission Lines Engineering Team
  • Completion of ElectraNet ALS
  • PSC assisting Meridian to upgrade their Generation Control System
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Increasing Demand for our Specialist Skills
  • New Projects on the go

PSC News March 2013

PSC News Issue 32 March 2013

  • PSC offers New HVDC Services in North America
  • Innovative Control Group (ICG) joins PSC New Zealand
  • PSC assists AltaLink to develop a Phasor Measurement Technology Roadmap
  • Dave James and Tri Huu Le celebrate 10 years of excellent service with PSC
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News November 2012

PSC News Issue 31 November 2012

  • EMC Market Support Contract Awarded to PSC
  • PSC to support Open Systems International Inc.
  • Marc Brunet-Watson – Engineering Manager for PSC North America
  • Andrew Dunn – National Control and Telecommunications Manager
    joins PSC Australia
  • Update on Chris Collie-Holmes’ work with Transpower
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News September 2012

PSC News Issue 30 September 2012

  • Market Evolution Program for the Wholesale Electricity Market in Western Australia
  • System Dynamics Studies for PJM Interconnection
  • NZ EEA Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition 2012
  • PSC Brisbane completes the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Peter Hogan - Engineering Manager PSC Australia
  • Ross Jones 10 years with PSC

PSC News June 2012

PSC News Issue 29 june 2012

  • PSC Supports Western Power Transmission Planning & Projects
  • PSC Supports AltaLink with the Integration of HVDC Technology
  • Professional Development Partner (PDP) programme
  • PSC involvement in CIGRE
  • Simon Oliver and Tracy Beleski celebrate 10 years of Excellent Service with PSC
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News March 2012

PSC News Issue 28 March 2012

  • PSC Reconfirms Major Sponsorship of EEA Conference
  • PSC Plays Key Role in the Implementation of PJM's Advanced Control Center
  • PSC USA Completes AltaLink EMS Upgrade
  • PSC Incorporates in Canada
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • PSC Account and Job Management System

PSC News December 2011

PSC News Issue 27 December 2011

  • PSC provides Power and Water Corporation SCADA support
  • PSC IT & Telecommunications
  • ElectraNet Shunt Reactor Earthing Study
  • Turbocharged Smartgrid Project Advances with Improved Quality and Efficiency at Southern Company
  • ElectraNet Templers West Substation Project
  • PJM’s AC2 Goes Live
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • PSC opens new Christchurch office

PSC News September 2011

PSC News Issue 26 September 2011

  • PSC launches new service
  • Electrical Engineering overview
  • PSC Strategy team member participating in Smart Grid Industry Workforce Development
  • Plant Information Management System for Stanwell Corporation Limited, Queensland Australia
  • PSC Scholarship for 2011
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

Team PSC and the ABSA Cape Epic Challenge

Epic Classic

With 14,550 vertical metres of climbing and no less than 707 kilometres long, the Absa Cape Epic challenge truly is an epic challenge.

The route changes every year and leads aspiring amateur and professional mountain bikers from around the world through the unspoilt nature of the Western Cape in the Republic of South Africa. It’s not for the less-than-serious rider and it was with some trepidation that two determined and passionate engineers submitted their entry.

Stephen Butler from PSC New Zealand and Willie de Beer from ABB South Africa entered with support of PSC Group. The sponsorship is a reflection of PSC’s commitment to its people and the relationships they forge with their clients. PSC also felt the high performance nature of the event reflected its overall philosophy to business. In particular, high performing people taking on tough challenges.

Click here to download the pdf

PSC News June 2011

PSC News Issue 25 June 2011

  • ElectraNet renews SCADA Support Services Contract with PSC
  • PSC benefits from SCADA Technology Training Courses
  • Altalink EMS Upgrade
  • 2011 EEA Conference Update
  • Independent Market Operator Market Evolution Program
  • New Zealand PM Visit
  • 2011 Absa Cape Epic Mountainbike Race
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • David Schwartfeger celebrates 10 years of Excellent Service

PSC News March 2011

  • PSC Assists Transpower New Zealand with Grid Telecommunications & Networking Programme (TNP)
  • PSC Signals its commitment
  • Southern Company IDMS Project
  • Renewable Demand ResponseTM Utilizing A Real-Time Renewable Signal
  • Congratulations to Warren Young and Graham Long
  • Sarah Leask celebrates 10 years of Excellent Service
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News November 2010

  • ElectraNet EMS Upgrade Sub Project One and Two
  • We're in the Market - Hedge your position with PSC!
  • New Projects on the go
  • PSC USA Office opens in Kirkland
  • PSC opens new Brisbane Office
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist

PSC News August 2010

  • Transpower - PSC Alliance Contract
  • Randy Berry, VP for PSC USA
  • Harmonics Study for ElectraNet
  • PSC Bowling Night
  • Outstandig Student Award
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Alice & Wolfgang celebrate 10 years with PSC

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PSC News April 2010

  • PSC Assists with KiwiRail Upgrades
  • SCADA & Controls Close to our Heart
  • PSC USA on-site at AESO
  • PSC completes AEMO Report
  • PSC Indoor Cricket Team in Final
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Les Brand, Engineering Manager for PSC Australia

PSC News November 2009

PSC News Issue 20 November 2009

  • Choosing the right tie
  • HVDC Around the World
  • PSC EMS Training Courses
  • TCOR Security Patrol Services in Australia and New Zealand
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • PSC 5 Year staff anniversaries
  • New PSC Adelaide Office

PSC News August 2009

PSC News Issue 19 August 2009

  • PSC assists PWC with Power System Operator Training
  • PSC IT Professional Services
  • Certified to Latest Standard
  • Tony Weller celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC
  • Transpower 3rd Party Data Infrastructure Project
  • PSC Assists Pacific Gas & Electric with a Historian Assessment and Data Reporting Development
  • PSC Welcomes new staff
  • Kees celebrates 10 Years with PSC

PSC News April 2009

  • Transpower awards RTS Support Resources Contract to PSC
  • Introducing PSC Asia
  • PSC has Broadened USA Presence
  • PSC assisting Western Power with OSIsoft HA PI implementation
  • PSC and Transpower join forces for Dragonboat 2009
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Congratulations Andrew Robbie and Ross Gaspard
  • Congratulations to John and Jolene

PSC News November 2008

  • Transpower PSC Alliance
  • PSC Group of Companies
  • PSC Australia Control & Market Systems Business Group
  • Kent Horan celebrates 10 year of Excellent Service
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Nelson Bays under 16 Rugby
  • Congratulations to the PSC Indoor Cricket Team

PSC News September 2008

  • PSC Awarded Support and Development Contract by Independent Market Operator of Western Australia
  • Northpower SCADA goes "live"
  • Quality Management System
  • PSC assists ElectraNet in South Australia with Remote Support and their EMS Upgrade Project
  • Transpower Islington Substation HMI Project
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff
  • Simon Lister celebrates 10 years of excellent service with PSC

PSC News June 2008

  • Warwick Glendenning PSC Group CEO
  • PSC Successfully supports ElectraNet's Network Upgrade
  • PSC plays key role in success of Transpower's SCADA Upgrade
  • Project Management a Core Competency
  • Congratulations to Edward, Keith and Mark
  • Oxfam Trailwalker 100km Team Challenge
  • PSC Welcomes new staff
  • Cambridge Junior Cricket 1stXI

PSC News December 2007

  • Training Courses - An Investment in our People and their Future
  • Northpower SCADA Upgrade well under way
  • ElectraNet Telecommunications Consultancy Support Agreement
  • Team Building at the Edge
  • PSC at the World of Wearable Art Awards
  • PSC Welcomes new staff
  • Congratulations to Andrew and Selina

PSC News August 2007

  • TransGrid Aerial Laser Survey (ALS) Project in NSW Australia
  • NEMMCO awards Energy Management System Support Contract
  • Alex Boyd to lead PSC USA
  • SCADA Upgrade at ISO New England
  • Kent and Family Playing Bandy in Ludvika
  • PSC Scholarship in 2007
  • PSC welcomes new staff
  • Congratulations to Tri and Jusmin
  • PSC celebrates 5 Year staff anniversaries

PSC News April 2007

  • PSC awarded ElectraNet SCADA Support Services Contract
  • ElectraNet Telecommunications Planning Role
  • More Aerial Laser Survey (ALS) Projects in Australia and New Zealand
  • Transpower SDH FOTS Projects
  • PSC opens new Melbourne CBD Office
  • PSC welcomes new staff
  • PSC staff ride Segways

PSC News December 2006

  • EMC Market Support contract extended to 2011
  • A Market Tools Milestone
  • Powerlink renews PSC SCADA Support Services for a further two years
  • Australia Aerial Laser Survey (ALS) Projects
  • HVDC Transmission Core Business for PSC
  • New PSC Office in Wellington
  • PSC Sports Update
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News September 2006

  • Islington to Kikiwa Transmission Line Upgrade Project
  • ElectraNet EMS Upgrade Project
  • Congratulations to Jeff Cowley
  • PSC Dragon Boat Team
  • Helping ESITO stay Top in Training
  • Bunnythorpe to Stratford PLC Replacement Project
  • New PSC Office in Wellington
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News November 2005

  • Transpower Renews SCADA/EMS Support Contract
  • Revenue Metering Upgrade for Meridian Energy
  • PSC Project Director for George Town Bus B Upgrade
  • NEMMCO Renews Market and Energy Management Systems Support Contracts
  • PSC Telecommunications Engineer completes CISCO CCNA Course
  • David Monk Celebrates 10 Years of Excellent Service
  • Reflecting World Best Practice
  • PSC Assists ISO New England's ASM Project
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News June 2005

  • 10 Year Anniversary Issue
  • PSC Thanks Clients
  • The PSC Scholarship
  • PSC Celebrates 10 Years
  • Vector SCADA/DMS Support Contract
  • PSC Designs Telecommunications Services for Wellsford Substation
  • ElectraNet SA Communications Work
  • Genesis Tongariro Links
  • PSC welcomes new staff

PSC News January 2005

  • EMC Renews On-site Support in Singapore
  • Enhancements to Singapore's Market Clearing Engine
  • PSC Telecommunications & IT Infrastructure Group
  • NEMMCO EMS Systems Habitat Upgrade
  • Wellington Low Pressure Gas Network Upgrade Project
  • Helping bring MISO to Market
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News September 2004

  • PSC and Opten Aerial Laser Survey
  • PSC Support for Transend in Tasmania
  • PSC Expands in System Studies
  • Austalasian Areva EAI Users Group
  • Telecommunications Services to the Power Industry
  • Distribution SCADA
  • 3-Year Support for NEMMCO
  • PSC Welcomes New Staff

PSC News March 2004

  • seePower for Transpower
  • PSC expands telecommunications services
  • PSC IT Projects Group Team Building
  • HVDC Remodelling Project
  • Transpower NCC Wellington establishment
  • Welcome to Andrew Robbie

PSC News August 2003

  • TransGrid SCADA Connection for NEMMCO
  • PSC Hamilton Team Building
  • PSC Assists Transend with System Studies
  • PSC engaged by NZ's Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation to perform an IT Infrastucture Audit and Security Review
  • Welcome to Tony Nguyen
  • PSC Services at a glance

PSC News May 2003

  • On-Site Support Contract for the Energy Market Company in Singapore.
  • RTD Backup Project
  • PSC assists ALSTOM EAI with EMP2.2 Testing
  • PSC Australia joining the ISO 9001 club
  • PSC Celebrates 5 Year Staff Anniversaries

PSC News February 2003

  • SPI PowerNet Upgrade
  • Aerial Laser Surveying Project for Transpower
  • PSC Sponsors Mana Coastguard
  • PSC and the Transpower Real Time Pricing Project
  • Job 1000
  • PSC Tees off in Melbourne

PSC News November 2002

  • PSC Renews Transpower SCADA/EMS Contract
  • ISO 9001 Certification to Latest Standard
  • Murraylink HVDC Light, Australia
  • From the MD
  • PSC Services at a Glance

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