PSC Australia

PSC is well established in Australia. A short profile of three of our clients and our successful interaction with them follows:


ElectraNet owns and manages the South Australian transmission system in the National Electricity Market. Best practice and management systems for environmental, technical and social planning have played an integral part to their infrastructure development for South Australia, delivering major capital projects in recent years to the community. PSC has assisted ElectraNet with a wide range of services including SCADA and telecommunications, transmission line survey and development projects.

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Australian Energy Market Operator

The AEMO was established to manage the National Electricity Market and gas markets, and in 2015 took responsibility as the wholesale and retail market operator in Western Australia, ensuring that there is adequate capacity to meet the demand of Western Australian consumers within the South West Interconnected System.  PSC has a long term partnership with the AEMO to provide ongoing support and development of their market systems.

Western Power

Western Power is a State Government owned corporation that builds, maintains and operates the electricity network in the south west corner of Western Australia. The Western Power network forms the vast majority of the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN), which together with all of the electricity generators comprises the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). PSC has been providing transmission system studies and system management support to Western Power.

PSC Australia clients also include:

  • Power and Water Corporation
  • Powerlink Queensland
  • Stanwell Power Corporation
  • Energex
  • Consolidated Power Projects
  • AusNet Services
  • Essential Energy
  • ABB
  • TransGrid
  • Siemens

PSC Asia

Energy Market Company (EMC)

EMC operates the National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS). All of Singapore’s electricity is bought and sold through the NEMS, with EMC responsible for providing the IT systems, the trading environment and the governance for the market. PSC have been providing EMC with specialist consultancy since the inception of the market, focusing on the support and development of EMC's Market Clearing Engine (MCE) and associated systems and applications.

PSC New Zealand

PSC is well established in New Zealand. A short profile of two of our clients and our successful interaction with them follows:


Transpower owns and operates New Zealand’s high-voltage electricity transmission grid, providing a seamless delivery of bulk electricity to towns, cities and major industries across the country. PSC is a long term provider of specialist resource to Transpower covering Electrical Engineering, System Operations, SCADA, market systems, and Telecommunications and IT networks. PSC and Transpower have entered into a long term alliance agreement for supplying resources to Transpower.

See also case study


Meridian Energy is New Zealand’s largest electricity generator. They own and operate seven hydroelectric power stations (six within the Waitaki hydro scheme), and four wind farms across New Zealand. PSC has provided design services for a revenue metering upgrade to Meridian Energy and assisted with their generator control system project.

See also case study

PSC New Zealand clients also include:

  • Vector
  • Network Waitaki
  • Northpower
  • Westpower
  • Unison
  • Wellington Electricity (WE)

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