Delivering value through partnerships

The PSC and ElectraNet experience


As an electricity industry specialist, the PSC Group is focused on creating long-term value for its clients by leveraging its global expertise and experience.

This reflects a cornerstone PSC philosophy that mutual benefit can be achieved by working in a collaborative manner with our clients.

ElectraNet is a prime example of this philosophy in action.

Warwick Glendenning, PSC Europe CEO, commented:

“ElectraNet and PSC work in close partnership, with less focus on the adversarial aspects of contract management and more emphasis on a collegial approach.

“This means that ElectraNet can readily leverage PSC Group’s global capability in the telecommunications, SCADA and other power systems engineering disciplines to best effect.”

The mutual benefit of this approach is recognised on both sides with Ian Stirling, CEO of ElectraNet, recently responding to a question about the relationship with PSC as follows:

“PSC Australia has been providing quality specialist Telecoms and SCADA services to ElectraNet for over six years. PSC represents the best of international partnerships in that it brings its deep expertise from New Zealand as well as its broader experience from within Australia, USA and elsewhere to meet the specific electricity industry requirements in Australia. This is achieved through their deep understanding of the close inter-relationships between Telecoms and Protection services – ensuring ongoing efficiencies through the accurate interpretation and actioning of broad functional project briefs.

“In the SCADA space, PSC ensures that ElectraNet is kept up-to-date with international best-practice techniques, by full-time PSC consultants embedded within ElectraNet. This is also supported by their broader network of consultants who ensure effective knowledge transfer and staff development to ElectraNet personnel. The relationship represents a win/win outcome for both companies.”

In particular, the SCADA area is one where PSC is able to apply its international experience to assist ElectraNet.

Warwick comments on this area:

“In our experience ElectraNet places value on long-term relationships and this is something we value highly. In the SCADA area this has led to the evolution of an ‘evergreen’ philosophy in respect of SCADA upgrades and support from which both companies benefit: PSC with long-term work and ElectraNet with regular systems upgrades that enable them to keep their SCADA system at the forefront of new technology innovations at a competitive price point.”

PSC has also found that ElectraNet is a client that is constantly innovating. The relationship means that PSC is able to effectively support ElectraNet in their goal of becoming one of the world’s most effectively run transmission network service providers.

PSC values its long-term partnerships and seeks to achieve them by creating genuine value for mutual benefit. The ElectraNet and PSC experience is a prime example of this philosophy in action.

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