In April 2018, Mark Gilchrist achieved a significant milestone in completing 20 years of excellent service with PSC.

PSC Co-Founder Tony Armstrong (L) and Mark Gilchrist (R)

Mark joined PSC as a Technical Specialist and initially worked on several projects including site engineering for a substation flood mitigation project, project management for a major gas network uprating project in the Wellington region and project management for the substation equipment upgrades for several thermal uprating projects for key transmission lines throughout New Zealand.

In recent years, Mark has focussed on HVDC projects, specialising in site management and commissioning management.  He has worked on numerous HVDC projects in many countries around the world.  This work has included subsystem testing on all primary and secondary plant, site management and commissioning management.  From China, Norway, Finland and Wales through to Zambia and the Congo, Mark has been heavily involved in the commissioning of these projects. He is held in very high regard and his most recent project has been the 800kV 6000MW North-East Agra HVDC link (one of the largest in the world) that transmits hydroelectric power from India northeast region to the city of Agra.  Mark's HVDC project highlights are shown below.





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