Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is about the aggregation and control of distributed energy generation, demand and storage. This includes:

  • Generation: solar (PV), wind, fuel cell, co-gen, diesel
  • Energy storage and efficiency
  • Electric vehicles
  • Demand response
  • Load management
  • Micro grids

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New challenges

Across the world Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are presenting new challenges to a wide range of industries. From property developers and large industrials to distribution network operators, organisations need to plan and operate these new technologies in a way that creates the best value for their project, business or network.

Specialist expertise and full-spectrum solutions

Introducing PSC DER, a service from the global power system consulting firm PSC. PSC will help you to design, operate, and optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of your DER. We offer clients access to the full spectrum of specialist skills needed to meet and surpass the challenges that DER poses and deliver the benefits these new assets promise.

Global know-how and breadth of capability

PSC’s breadth of capability and experience is based on DER projects delivered in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe. PSC also offers a track record of performance in the electricity industry that spans decades, countries, and specialist services.

From power networks, operational technologies and complete grid consulting solutions to generation source, load, control systems and system security, we work across and beyond the entire DER value chain. This means we underpin our DER capabilities with the diversity of engineering expertise you need.

PSC clients facing a DER challenge enjoy the confidence of having the full range of expertise on the job. PSC DER, global knowledge, experience and full spectrum capabilities.

Our capabilities

PSC DER capabilities include:

  • Telecommunications, IT, networking and cyber security
  • Network planning at distribution, sub-transmission and transmission levels
  • Vendor management
  • Distribution market systems
  • DER control space
  • DER system studies
  • PV connections
  • Metering
  • Energy storage
  • Distribution network analysis
  • Active distribution network management
  • Demand response
  • Standards
  • Micro grids
  • Regulatory processes
  • Research

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