Zia Emin

Dr Zia Emin

Technical Director - UK


Specialist Skills

  • Power Quality – harmonics, unbalance & flicker
  • Switching transients
  • System planning & development
  • Incident investigations

Background and Experience

Zia is the Technical Director on power system planning and analysis. He has worked as a specialist power systems engineer with many years of experience in power quality and switching studies. He has been with PSC UK since September 2016. 

From 2011 to 2016 he worked for PB as Chief Power Systems Engineer responsible for providing technical leadership in specialized power system studies activities. This included supporting the growth of the power systems consultancy business, through directly interfacing with clients to understand their requirements, and working with clients, partners and other colleagues to develop and agree proposals and lead and support the successful delivery of power systems consultancy projects. He led a diverse portfolio of projects in different geographies around the world.

From 1997 to 2011 he was with National Grid, United Kingdom. While in National Grid he worked on many aspects of switching transients and more extensively on power quality issues. He undertook detailed analysis of the quality of supply aspects of system performance for new connections, infrastructure and asset replacement schemes to ensure Grid Code compliance while at the same time leading and setting company policy in various power quality areas. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of power system modelling including steady-state, frequency and time domain modelling and substantial experience in harmonic performance specification for HVDC converter stations, renewable generation connections and the connection of traction supply points. He also led a team of specialist power system engineers and was responsible for the deliverables of the team, their performance management including resource and workload planning and personal development.

Zia is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET - UK), a Senior Member of IEEE, a Distinguished Member of CIGRE and a Chartered Engineer in United Kingdom. He is member of GEL/210/12 Committee at the British Standards Institution and of WG8 in IEC SC77A. He is active in many CIGRE working groups as member, task force leader and convener within system technical performance area related to power quality and insulation co-ordination. He was the past UK representative on CIGRE SC C4 System Technical Performance and is currently the Chairman for the same Study Committee. He received the CIGRE Technical Committee Award in 2013, the Distinguished Member award in 2014 and the Senior and Principal Professional Associate title within PB reflecting recognition on his technical and professional level. Zia has served in a number of colloquia, symposia and conference technical committees and continues to do so. He has over 40 technical publications and is a reviewer in many technical journals of IET, IEEE and other publishers.

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