Market Systems

Market systems form a crucial cornerstone in energy marketplaces. When it comes to developing and effectively supporting these systems you need a trusted and established provider who is in this business for the long run.

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PSC Market Systems services

  • Vendor neutral, objective advice and support 
  • The full spectrum of product knowledge
  • End to end solutions 
  • Practical, internationally informed people
  • Commitment to support for the long term
  • A collegial work ethic
  • A trusted and proven reputation

PSC has a proven reputation for excellence as an independent, leading market system and applications service provider.

Our internationally experienced team has broad energy market systems skills and a wide knowledge base. We blend software and engineering reviews, testing, development, application and support to deliver solutions optimised to our client requirements.

From planning to support

On any energy market system project, anywhere in the world, PSC can lead the early stages of project development, feasibility, costing, specification, engineering and design, software development, application, testing, commissioning through to operations and maintenance support and advice.

PSC is the complete full service provider of energy market system services, providing recent and relevant software and engineering knowledge and expertise, coupled with pragmatic, hands-on implementation.

Vendor neutral experience and skills

PSC offers broad, vendor neutral, objective software and technical engineering expertise.

Our team brings practical, hands on international experience in supporting, enhancing and upgrading custom and commercial energy market systems. 

We also offer expertise in key energy market system related fields, including control systems, telecommunications and IT networks.

Agile approach

PSC offers an extensive global network of locally-based, yet highly mobile consultants.  On the ground, our people work side by side with our clients, tailoring their skills to support, enhance and upgrade our client’s systems and applications to meet their particular requirements.

Our Capabilities

PSC’s Market Systems service offers clients the following capabilities:

Markets Systems Projects and Support

  • Market Design – experience in market inception and evolutionary design
  • Strategic planning, business requirements analysis and specification development
  • Technology refresh, roadmaps and project management
  • Support of applications and databases
  • Support of custom Oracle, Java and Microsoft-based applications
  • Market Clearing Engine (MCE) support covering all aspects of scheduling, pricing and dispatch
  • Testing, review and auditing of market systems
  • Training in electricity market systems concepts, practices and operation

Software Development and Process Improvements

  • Development of applications for Wholesale Electricity Market systems
  • Custom software development and enhancement
  • MCE (SPD) applications – custom and commercial, co-optimisation
  • Simulation, training and analysis tools, practices and operation
  • Real Time and Stand Alone Dispatch (Backup Dispatch)
  • Web applications including interfacing and graphics
  • Systems Integration with EMS, SCADA and Market Systems

Specific Energy Applications

  • Trading Systems (Wholesale Energy, Gas Trading Systems)
  • Network Access Request Systems
  • Outage Management Systems
  • Transmission Auction Systems
  • Billing and Settlement Systems

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