Brad Railing

Director HVDC

“If it was easy, someone else would be doing it.” 
We look forward to providing solutions regardless of the challenge.


Specialist Skills

Over 30 years of electrical utility experience specializing in:

  • HVDC transmission systems with overhead lines or cable systems.
  • Technical solutions for transmission interconnections both merchant and regulated.
  • Project development, due diligence, technical specifications, cost estimating and assistance on project commercial documents.
  • Project support for design review, site QA/QC, commissioning, O&M training and commercial support of contract issues.
  • Operations and maintenance planning and support.
  • Fault tracing of equipment failures and disturbances.

Recent Projects

Brad has held key roles and direct involvement in a number of independent transmission projects around the world, including:

  • Trans Bay Cable HVDC project, USA
  • Cross Sound Cable HVDC project, USA
  • Murraylink HVDC project, Australia
  • Directlink HVDC project, Australia
  • Quebec / New England Phase II HVDC multi-terminal project, USA portion

Recently, Brad has been working to support project development, technical solutions and due diligence with several HVDC projects in the USA and Australia.

Background and Experience

Brad Railing’s experience in the electric utility transmission business began in 1978 and is still going strong today.  His specialization in HVDC transmission systems started in 1988 with a challenging project to build a multi-terminal HVDC interconnection for the Quebec and New England utilities.  In the late 1990s, Brad worked on the application of voltage source converter (VSC) technology for transmission interconnections using underground or submarine cable systems.  Brad has expertise in the commercial aspects and management of transmission assets.  His extensive experience encompasses technical feasibility studies, conceptual design, technical specifications, field commissioning, operations and maintenance, and project management. 



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