Ken Pratt

Ken Pratt

Director Operations

A dedicated trouble-shooter and problem solver with extensive background in Energy Management Systems as well as computer software, hardware, networking, and security, Ken has the skills and background to successfully manage projects and customer engagements.

Specialist Skills

25 years experience in Energy Management Systems specializing in:

  • SCADA, EMS, and DMS systems
  • The application of Information Technology in real-time and business critical environments
  • Systems integration
  • Virtualization
  • Software development
  • Project and development management
  • Training
  • Technical architecture evaluation and planning

Recent Projects

  • Project management for the development of standard, virtualized EMS and DMS environments
  • Project management for development of project implementation and monitoring tools
  • EMS software system integration
  • Project management for tendering of complex systems installation and upgrade

Background and Experience

Ken Pratt is the Director of Operations for PSC in North America. He has an extensive background in designing, developing, delivering, and presenting advanced technology to the Electric Utility Industry. His strong technical background along with his project management skills have been developed during almost 30 years in the Energy Management and Markets industry.

Ken was a long-time developer and manager at ALSTOM Grid from its early days as ESCA. He has practical experience with EMS, DMS, and SCADA software, databases, and computer systems management in North America, Australasia, Europe, and China. More recently, he has led efforts in virtualization, architecture, and best practices for project engineering process improvement. Throughout a long career of providing software and solutions to the Electric Utility industry, Ken has been consistently driven to provide customers with the highest quality software, systems, information, and presentations.


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