Kevin Cheung

Kevin Cheung

Director Operational Technologies

An experienced electrical industry manager with technical background.  Kevin’s background is in Energy Management Systems, Distribution Management Systems, Distributed Energy Resources, Ancillary Market Systems, Oil and Gas SCADA Systems, Asset Investment Planning, SCADA Operations Team Lead, Project Management, R&D Director, Technical Sales Director.

Specialist Skills

Over 15 years’ experience in energy specializing in:

  • SCADA, EMS, DMS, Oil and Gas systems, Market Participation and Asset Management
  • Multi-use Grid-size Energy Storage Management
  • Software Development
  • Product Management
  • Operational / Projects Technical Team Lead
  • Project Management
  • Technical Sales Director / Project Manager
  • Business Development / Partnerships

Recent Projects

  • North America Director of Solutions for an Asset Investment Planning platform
  • Product Manager for the implementation of a ancillary market participation platform (including Frequency Regulation)
  • Director of Advanced Applications for SEPTA battery deployments for multi-use, including Frequency Regulation
  • R&D Manager for a Datacenter Migration project for a real-time platform
  • Project Manager for an Oil and Gas SCADA replacement project
  • Operational / Projects SCADA team lead for an EMS / DMS vendor

Background and Experience

Kevin Cheung is the Director for Operational Technologies for PSC in North America. He has an extensive background in designing, developing, delivering and managing advanced technologies to the Electric Utility Industry. His strong technical background and management skills have been developed during a varied management history in the Energy Management, Distribution Management, Markets Systems and Asset Management industry.

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