Tony Armstrong

Tony Armstrong

Co-founder; Member of the Board; Head of Business Development Asia Pacific

“Tony’s leadership has taken PSC from two people in New Zealand to a global specialist consulting firm of over 150 people with offices around the world.”

Specialist Skills

Tony Armstrong is the Corporate Global CEO and Chairman of the PSC Group.  Tony has continued over the last 20 years to develop the international reputation of the company to the point where PSC is a preferred provider of services in its specialist fields.

As the chairman of the board of directors, Tony is responsible for the governance of PSC where he provides leadership, vision and strategic direction.  He also works with the senior management team on business development, contract negotiations and client relationship management.

Background and Experience

Tony Armstrong has over 25 years experience in the high voltage electricity industry and has held senior roles on several major New Zealand power projects.  After commissioning SCADA equipment for the Upper Waitaki, Tongariro and Ohaaki power projects, Tony was appointed as the Supervising Technical Specialist for the New Zealand HVDC upgrade project in 1990.

After factory acceptance testing with the HVDC supplier, Tony returned to New Zealand and was responsible for the commissioning team at the Haywards HVDC terminal station that tested and commissioned the HVDC equipment to service.  In the final stages of transmission testing, he had the role of commissioning engineer for both HVDC terminal stations.

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