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Transpower is the owner/operator of the high voltage transmission system within New Zealand.

Starting in 2005 Transpower undertook a multi-million Telecommunications and Networking Upgrade Programme to replace it’s largely radio based telecommunications infrastructure with fibre optic cable transmission.

Project Outline

In mid 2010 PSC was commissioned by Transpower to carry out a review of the Telecommunications and Networking Upgrade Programme.

The focus of the work was to review the programme and provide advice on any improvements that could be made based on PSC’s experience of similar work carried out by Transmission Network Service Providers throughout Australia.

PSC was also asked to look at the alignment of the programme to grid development and project plans including the risk profile of retiring existing telecommunications and networking assets and the optimisation of network operations resourcing.

Telecommunications Tower


The review was successfully completed and a report approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

Transpower was able to use the outputs from the report to improve aspects of the programme, improve engagement between the internal IST group managing the roll out and Grid Development. Project and Performance divisions and to optimise network operations centres costs.

The report covered off the following aspects:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Technology Selection
  • Solution Options
  • Project Delivery
  • Business Interaction

PSC Services

Services provided included:

  • Review of Telecommunications and Networking Upgrade Programmes.
  • Guidance on transmission industry best practice for telecommunications and networking technology selection.
  • Advice on network operations centre cost models.
  • In service technology risk assessment.



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