Established in New Zealand in 2004 at the University of Canterbury, School of Engineering

In November 2004, PSC established the “PSC Scholarship” at the University of Canterbury, School of Engineering.  The scholarship is provided in association with the Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre), further enhancing the co-operation between academia and industry.

The PSC Scholarship is open to students in their 3rd professional year, who are focusing on power engineering subjects. It is awarded to an individual for showing dedication and engineering excellence; and considers academic achievement, character, potential for leadership, and contribution to the Electric Power Engineering Industry in New Zealand and social skills.

2005 was the first year that the scholarship was awarded. The scholarship has been awarded to a number of successful applicants since.

2017 PSC Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to 2017 PSC Scholarship recipient Thomas Galbraith, selected from a field of high calibre candidates with his excellent academic performance and a strong focus on practical experience. With a background in power distribution, Thomas has a strong interest in the electronics and control systems associated with electric vehicles and was a member of the University of Canterbury motorsport team. He was also the IEEE University Student Branch Chairman where he promoted the IEEE and worked with industry sponsors.

PSC Scholarship recipient Thomas Galbraith (L) receives his certificate from PSC’s Control and Automation Manager Barry Ireland


For more information please go to this page on the Canterbury University website.

University of Canterbury

In addition to the PSC Scholarship, PSC is committed to the training and development of Engineers in the power industry. At any time, PSC has graduate engineers undertaking specialist training and assignments developing the industries future specialists.

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