Unique service mix

As an independent electricity industry specialist PSC offers a portfolio of services mirroring the requirements of the sector and optimised to our clients specific needs.

From helping facilitate the green revolution in Europe through our HVDC excellence, or optimising networks with our high performance system studies through to designing and supporting control and market systems, with PSC you can be assured we have the end to end capabilities and talented people with a proven record of high quality, customer orientated solutions. 

  • specific reviews and studies
  • concept, feasibility and design
  • procurement, construction and commissioning support

World leading expertise, global capability. End to end, fully integrated solutions.  

  • planning
  • implementation 
  • customisation
  • support

Independent, proven expertise, support for the long run.

  • telecommunications and IT
  • substation and generation automation
  • networks and security

Vendor neutral, full spectrum expertise, end to end objective solutions.

  • system studies
  • transmission lines
  • HV substations
  • asset management

From theory to application, reputation for excellence.

  • Microgrids
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Distributed generation and storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Demand response
  • System analysis and design
  • Distribution network management and control

Full spectrum provider, broad experience, emerging industry focus.

  • asset strategies
  • asset management plans 
  • strategic project and business case reviews
  • business case development

Industry specific, vendor neutral, applied strategic know-how.


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