Why a career at PSC

There are many great reasons why you would choose a career with PSC.Some of the key ones are summarised below.

People orientated and inclusive

As a PSC team member you will find PSC is a great place to work. We value our people, and our regular social events and internal culture reflect this. As a PSC team member you will also find our flat organisational structure means you will likely know the senior leadership first hand and feel included in our organisation’s direction.

Collegial, non-corporate culture

PSC is a collegial organisation that often competes with the big corporates. We have, however, remained focused on a non-corporate, people-based culture. This is underpinned by our commitment to collegial knowledge sharing and genuine belief that our team makes the difference.

Global opportunities

PSC is working in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America. We have a philosophy of applying the best talent to a project,no matter where it is. This means, if you choose to, you may have the opportunity to work on a project within our global operation regardless of your usual location.

Reputation for excellence

Since our inception in 1995, we have built a trusted reputation for excellence.
Therefore adding PSC to your résumé is sure to help your career in the long term –that’s if you can bring yourself to leave PSC, which is quite uncommon, with a low staff turnover a characteristic we are proud of.

We reward loyalty

At PSC we recognise our people as they reach major milestones, such as five or ten years’ service. We have developed a specific programme of rewards aimed at showing our people that their loyalty is not taken for granted – on the contrary, it is valued and respected.

Intimate industry connections

As an organisation that prides itself on objective and vendor neutral advice, working at PSC means you will learn a lot about the industry as a whole and not be pigeon holed into one particular proprietary approach to technology or skill sets.

Our focus is to seek the best solution for our clients.The vendors we work with can be diverse and the experiences our employees have mirror this. The result of this is a broad yet intimate connection with the industry premised on creating value.

Professional development

We believe investing in our people’s skills is of mutual benefit for the company and the individual. As a result PSC fosters and encourages its people in their professional development. This includes supporting our engineers in becoming chartered or registered within their relevant jurisdiction. We also view roles in organisations like Cigre or IEEE as a positive activity.

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